Soul for SPA

The word “spa” comes from and acronym of the Greek phrase “Solus Per Aqua”, which means “health through water’. The use of spas as beauty and health remedies has a very long history. During the 15th century, a small valley called Spa in Belgium contained mineral-rich hot springs and recuperation areas that attracted many nobles there on vacation and convalescence – this was the original form of the spa.
Water is a spa’s ‘soul’. Each aspect is inseparable from the water – from the shower to the cleaning, a spa doesn’t just use any ordinary water. At Ossoto SPA, we import high-tech filtered water machines from the United States that can efficiently filter away impurities and harmful heavy metals, organics, and completely remove the colour and smell from the water. At the same time, it gives the water a strong cell hydration and detoxification function – rich in minerals and negative ions, anti-oxidation, anti-aging functions.

About Us

Ossoto SPA features an excellent environment that provide our guests with a good air ventilation and quiet place for massage, manicure and facial in KL . We provide guests with a comfortable spa bath area, independent beauty treatment rooms and the massage services of professional masseurs, Chinese medicine practitioners, and well trained beauty therapist; to ensure our guests can enjoy beauty therapy services of the highest international professional standards.
Ossoto SPA’s services and facilities include full body or partial massages, aromatherapy, Chinese medicine therapy, fitness rooms, food, and beverages. We even provide customers with face, hair, and nail care services; with dedicated individual use of personal care products for each customer. We look forward to making your stay comfortable and memorable by providing personalized service, and through the quality of our facilities.
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